Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Last Post for a long time

Hi my beloved friends and readers

this will be one of my last post for a longer time.
After all what happenend here in Central / Frankmark/ Barony Knights Crossing ,I decided to stop playing SCA for some time.I dont know how long this time will be ,but I need to make a break.

In the Moment I work on the last projects for these year ,while I like to finish all till GoED.
I work on three gowns for HRM Morrigane .One black kirdle ,thats finish from my side ,a white Linen undergown I will finish in the next hour and a Woolen Viking gown that I will finish at these Weekend.
Also I work on a Gugel for HHL Barobrand at these Weekend for finishing next Week .

After this I only plan some more Doublets and Pants for Nandolf and a Tunic for Ragnar for XMas .But this is   more hobby for me to stay tuned ,without any pressure or without going on my own borderlines .

Im so sorry ,but in my Life starts a new time and I had to made some decision about some Priorities ,and some of them is stop playing SCA asap.

Samstag, 20. August 2011

Some more Viking Projects

I sew some more Viking Tunics for Pennsic ,but I cant show them before.
So any Presents and Surprise are at the Home of the new Owners ,so I can show them

A friend from FB ,an Ex Drachenwalder and Viking ,tell me short before Pennsic ,that he need a Tunic for Pennsic.
I asked him ,if I shall sow him a Tunic ,he was surprised and sayed YES .But the poeple who know me ,know also that I mostly not work on only one Projects ,so I made two
He like to have it in Drachenwald colors and I sow it in Drachenwald Colors ,while mostly I have exactly this colors at home
And it was a bit more time to do a Birka Hat too.The Hat is made from red /black Herrongbone Wool and black rabbit fur .

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Viking Pennsic Projects

It a little time ago that I made my last post ,what not means that I dont sew anything in between.
I had work on a bunch of Viking Dress Pieces for His Majesty Lief and some Secure Bags for the Pennsic Queens Basket .We change with the Kingdom of Ealdomere.
So here I like to show you some Photos of the Overtunics for HM and the Bags

The Material I became from the Majesties .The Pattern are Rus Tunic btw.Birka Tunic pattern .The Buttobholes are made with Silk
Also I sewed two Undertunics,but I had made a picture from this.

 I didnt made a Photo after filling the Bag with some needles and a Scissor.And some more little Bags with Bathsalt for the Queens Tea .Made from blue Ikea Cotton and yellow Fabric Paint .The Bathsalt is made with Roses,Sea Salt and Milkpouder .Every Bag has a little Token from Glasspearls .

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Queens Basket Bling Bling Teil X

Es waren einmal ein Haufen kleiner Krönchen ,die  hier in Hamburg gelandet sind .Zu ihnen gesellten sich einige schicke Glasperlen.

Von  Königin Eleonora geprüft und für gut befunden :-)
In Produktion eine Pennsic Queens Basket Special Edition in rot weiss
I found some Crowns in Ebay and buy them.They come a long way from China and yet they are together with some Glassbeads as new Bling Bling for the Queens Basket.
HRM Eleonora checked and certificated
Yet I work for some of these Token for the Pennsic queens Basket in red and white

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011


Ich mag Russland,Polen und alles was dazugehört und bin bei meinen Recherchen heute auf einige schöne Bilder ,Schnittmuster und mehr gestossen .Es ist zwar zeitlich alles ein bisschen spät ,aber egal ,trotzdem vllt nett für ein nächstes Projekt

Schnittmuster Sammlung
Schnittmuster 2
Bilder des Outfits 1
 Overview Reconstruction History
Articles over Polish Dresses

Frauen Outfit

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Euran Puku

I made some Photos of my Euran Puku .Unfortally not on me only on my puppet

Original Finnish Undergown

At the Front I close it a bit

With the "Over Gown / Apron "
Complete with all Gowns and Apron

Freitag, 8. April 2011

Today I found

Today Im looking for the Pattern of a Rus Viking Tunic and look what I find with google

It is great pictured Making Of over a Viking Outfit.

In the moment I m a bit running out any ind of Energy .I finished my Comfy Dress before the Crown Tourney but nobody makes a Picture of me and I forgot to ask somebody for.I have Photos of my finished Euran Dress of my Tailor Puppet ,but not me wearing it.Same reason like the Comfy Dress.
When I go a bit fitter I will look for somebody who have lust to make a Photosession with me:-)

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Wohlfühl Outfit /Comfortable Outfit

Ich wollte gerne noch ein Wohlfühl Outfit habe ,so eins womit man sich abends irgendwo in die Ecke setzen kann.
Ich bin ja von Natur aus eher der Hosenträger,daher wollte ich ein Orientalisch inspiriertes Outfit haben.
Inspiriert wurde ich durch den Film "Königreich der Himmel" und eine Bekannte von Michael,die seit Jahren eine persische Prinzessin spielt.

Ich möchte eine Pumphose haben ,auch wenn ich weiss das die bei mir noch richtig aufträgt ,weil ich bin leider weder so schlank wie Eva Green ,noch habe ich Silkes Bauchtanz Figur ,dazu eine Tunika mit engem Ärmel und eine Jacke .
Die Farbwahl war einfach ,da es ein WohlfülOutfit wird ,ist sie natürlich schwarz,für Hose und Jacke.
Von meinem Ottomanischen Outfit sind noch Mengen von Schwarzen Bling BLing Stoff über ausreichend für die Hose.Von eben jenem Outfit habe ich ja schon das Gömlek ,das Hemd und dazu kommt dann noch eine Jacke ,wo ich noch unentschlossen bin ,sie aus demselben Stoff wie die Hose zumachen oder aus einem schwarzen Leinen Stretch Gemisch .
Ausserdem habe ich eine Menge Orientalischen Schmuck für einen Euro aus dem Aladin Store bekommen ,habe noch Münzen in zwei Grössen ,Spiegel und einiges mehr .Es sind glaube ich auch noch Ketten ,Armbänder und Fußbänder aus meiner Gothic Mittelalter Phase da.
Hier erstmal ein vorläufiger Entwurf

Für die Hose habe ich folgenden Schnitt für mich genommen
Shira DIY Harems Pants

Heute abend wird dann noch genäht

Today I start to make me an oriental inspired comfort Garb for Friday nights.My Inspiration are the Roll of Eva Green in Kingdom of Heaven and also a friend from one of my best friend ,Silke.She is Bellydancer and in the Medieval Time she played a Persian Princess.

While I want to have a Comfort Outfit ,it really clear that I use Fabrics in the Color Black.From my Ottomanian Outfit I have 5 m of a Black Gold Striped Stretch Fabric ,from whom I like to made me Harems Pants.
For the Harems Pants I use a Pattern that I found on the Side of Shira.
For the Jacket I found a Black Linen Stretch Fabric in my Collection :-)
As Tunic I will wear the Gömlek from my Ottomanian Dress.
I have a bunch of Bling Bling Things that I can use for Decorations like Coins ,Bellydance Jewelry and Bells.Also Mirrors in any Color and Goldthreaded Trim.
I cut the Fabric for the Pants and also I cute the Jacket.For the Jacket I use my Standart Pattern ,that I use for all other Things I make.

Montag, 7. März 2011

Starting the Look a Like Project

Some Weeks ago I posted these Photos from A Finno Ugric Garb.
I found a Link on one of favourite Blogs to a Latvian Page ,were you can find a Pdf with all Lativian Folk Dresses

The Blog from Cathy
Cathys Blog

The Latvian Page with the PDF
Latvian Folk Dress PDF

These time I dont want to make an authentic Dress.I didnt found enough Informations to do these ,so I decide to do a "Look -a-like-Dress"
In my Home I have a bunch of different Fabrics,with different Colors.For the Competition Tables on University 2009 I buyed some dark blue Flanell and dark blue look like Linen.
The mistake I made is that I first cut the Fabric and than read the PDF :-)
So I cut on dress in the special finnish Undergown Cut and one in a Simple Medieval Undergown Dress.
The Description of the Dress in the PDF is following:
-The Underdress is a Tunic from natural color Linen ,for Women longer than for men.In the front is a little V neck cut
-The "Overdress" is a pinafore or Apron dress .It pined together at the Shoulders.
PUUUHH I miscut the Look like Linen Fabric.
And yet I have to rethink what I will make.Shall I buy new Fabric and cut it new ? Or shall I try to change the cut of the Fabric ?

I think that the Apron dress will be the Same that the Finns use for mostly all of their Dresses (Pukus) .Im not sure ,if I will make it like a Eura Puku or a Maskan Puku or in the Style of a Perniö Puku

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Weekend Jewelry

This Weekend I made some more Earrings for the Queens basket.HRM Eleanora told me ,before she goes to Estrella ,that shes not get my packet with the Presents .
After making all the last Presents in Violett and Yellow ,I start to make new Ones in different Colors .
But first I start with new Earrings :-)

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

What I found this Week

Today I look on the HP of Mistress Helena .In her Review of a Book I was reminded on a Blog ,that I read often,but not in the last Time .
I love this Blog much ,while Cathy often discuss Garb from the Viking time.I dont know how ,but she found much Articles from all over .She gave me much Tips fo Books and so a bunch of Pictures.
Shes interesting in Russian Folk Dresses like me and so I was very happy to go to her page today ,to find her Researchings over Latvian Folk Dresses


From her Blog I come to two more Pages I also happy over ,that i find it

Costumes of the World
Belarus Costumes

I found a Picture of a Dress from Latvia ,that reminds me on the Finnish Dress I worked on and never get finished..and what else I felt in Love with it
I hope that my Finnish SCA friends show me how I drape a Puku ...I like to know how I have to Wrap the Eura Puku and I know that Saara have a Headdress like this :-)

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

GIfts for the Estrella Basket

This Week I work on some more little Presents for the Estrella Gift Basket in the Colors of Calontir .Its not much ,but I made some Needle Books and today I work on some Cutlery Bags ,too.I made them from Violett and Yellow Wool or from Violett and Yellow Linen..And embroider them with Pearls .