Sonntag, 15. August 2010

My Scrolls

My Scrolls in their new Home

And some Blink Blink for my Parents

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Bellydance Underworld

Sometime ago my good friend Melli gave me this Bellydance DVD

As I build up my new bookshelfs and sort my DVD I found it and it long ago that I look it the last time.While I want to give it back to Melli next Week and two good freinds of mine come over the Weekend I decide to it agian right after upstanding to my first coffee today .
The Performances that I like the most are the Tribal Fusion.The best Artist for my Meaning ist Kami Liddle

Its great how she combinate an Industrial Song with classic Beyydance Music in her Chereography.And also she is wearing a very modern but classical Costume.
The other one I like most is Katie Kay

She is not a typical Bellydance but she had a great Perfomance on the DVD

Not my Style is Gothic Bellydance.The biggest Gothic Bellydancer Tempest had on the DVD a Bellydance on Jill Tracys Doomsday.For my Understanding the Song is not Gothic and when I see her Performance it reminds me on Dancer some years ago here in Germany .We call them the "Dying Elves" while they flutter with their army like they dying on the Dancefloor.Mostly they dance on Lene Lovich or Pagan Folk Songs.Anyway ..its my meaning ,but for everyone who is interesting in Gothic Bellydance take a look on this side


If you like to have a look on the Performances
Google Search for Bellydance Underworld

Have fun