Samstag, 20. August 2011

Some more Viking Projects

I sew some more Viking Tunics for Pennsic ,but I cant show them before.
So any Presents and Surprise are at the Home of the new Owners ,so I can show them

A friend from FB ,an Ex Drachenwalder and Viking ,tell me short before Pennsic ,that he need a Tunic for Pennsic.
I asked him ,if I shall sow him a Tunic ,he was surprised and sayed YES .But the poeple who know me ,know also that I mostly not work on only one Projects ,so I made two
He like to have it in Drachenwald colors and I sow it in Drachenwald Colors ,while mostly I have exactly this colors at home
And it was a bit more time to do a Birka Hat too.The Hat is made from red /black Herrongbone Wool and black rabbit fur .

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