Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Queens Basket Collection 2

Since Beginning of this Week ,I Had to stay at home.The Pain in my Arms and Hands are so bad ,that my Doctor decide to let me stay home.But that means ,that I cant do much at home .No sewing ,no embroidery !!
Anyway I use one hour the Day to end up some little Projects by Machine.Here I show some more finish Projects for the Queens Basket

Both are "Beginner Sets".One has a little Scissor ,Needles and a Measurement Tape with cm and inch.The other One is a Roll with a Knife and a Spoon.I found that are nice little Presents.The Patches in the Front are made by Machine.

The Embroidery of the Handkerchiefs I made between December and January and yet I finish some of the Seams .With Hand :-( The Motifs are chose from HRM ThorvaldR.