Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

What I found this Week

Today I look on the HP of Mistress Helena .In her Review of a Book I was reminded on a Blog ,that I read often,but not in the last Time .
I love this Blog much ,while Cathy often discuss Garb from the Viking time.I dont know how ,but she found much Articles from all over .She gave me much Tips fo Books and so a bunch of Pictures.
Shes interesting in Russian Folk Dresses like me and so I was very happy to go to her page today ,to find her Researchings over Latvian Folk Dresses


From her Blog I come to two more Pages I also happy over ,that i find it

Costumes of the World
Belarus Costumes

I found a Picture of a Dress from Latvia ,that reminds me on the Finnish Dress I worked on and never get finished..and what else I felt in Love with it
I hope that my Finnish SCA friends show me how I drape a Puku ...I like to know how I have to Wrap the Eura Puku and I know that Saara have a Headdress like this :-)

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