Montag, 18. März 2013

Paternoster or Rosaries

Some of the Member of Drachenwald and some other Kingdom have some or see some of my handworked Rosaries 

These are a some of them .I stopped that ,because I made more than 30 of them and thought that will be enough.Yet Mister von Horn starting again to make some.His ones are from Bone .In this way I decide to write a little article over paternoster and Rosaries ( only in German) for the Frankmark Express.As I research something I read an article over dying WoodPearls with Madder ,and I think that can also go with Bone Pearls .So I take my Rest of Cochenille and one of the Bone Pearl Rosaries and try to Dye the Pearls.These are the Results :

In the next Day I will try to dye some Woodpearls with Rainfarn and Madder .For all who interesting in to see the Bone Rosaries of Mister von Horn ,I will open a little Shop Side on this Blog .