Montag, 22. November 2010

Estrella Queens Basket

Her Royal Highness Eleanora has ask me ,if I can do somethings for the Estrella War.They want to visit the War in February and dont know ,if they need any Presents ,but its a good feeling to have some in your suitcase.
She ask me specially for some Rosaries and i LOVE to do this.I´m not in the Church and not very religious ,but Im interesting in religious things
 Most of the Stuff I need to do Rosaries I have at home,some is on the Way to me .
I begun with the big Rosaries with 55 Pearls
I use Glasspearls ,Cloisonne crosses and Silk Thread.I also made some Tassels from Wool
Here are the Results:

Dienstag, 16. November 2010


Before I start with the Ottoman Project ,I have to finish a Project for Nandolf .And also I began to make Rosaries.The Royal Highness Eleanora ask me for this and I said to her that I will make it.While I dont Remeber ,how many Pearls they have ,I began with a small Researching.I thought it will be a small Researching,but today I get a big Book from the Library in Hamburg.
I found out that there are 8 or 9 different Rosaries .And I have to look which kind of Rosary is from the early Century and from later Century.
On my Researchings I found 2 great Sides in the INet.One is it English ,one in German .

Rosaries Englisch
Rosenkranz Atelier

In the next Days I will show some Pictures of the Book ,and some Pictures from the Rosaries I make/made.If I found enough time I will make a small Handout or Article

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

The Ottoman Project

Its time to start a new Project and in the Moment I dont have enough Lust to start my regular life Winterproject ,so I decide to start a Medieval Winterproject .
I be Viking and my Plan was to make something from the Rus ,but I dont find really good Material .All I find was a modern version of Russian Folk Garb ,mostly from the 18 th cen.So I decide to make something lat but some turkish from the Ottoman Time.After this I will make me some Middle East Outfit.

SOOOO after 1000 Sides of Material ( it wasnt that much ,but it was alot ) I know that I need a GÖLMEK and a SALWAR.Both Pieces are for the UNdergarment.The Gölmek is a lightweight Cotton or Linen Dress and the Salwar is a Silk or maybe Silkmixture Underpants

Copyrights of Pic and Pattern

I need also an Entari and a Yelek.The Entari is the Outer Coat ,that will be wearing over a Yelek.
I found a really good Live Journal where you can see how it fits all together
Ottoman Ensemble

 Link were you found a overview pdf for Turkish Ottoman Women Garb

And a Link were you found the Pattern

I get the Fabric for the Salwar on the last Stoffmarkt Holland here in Hamburg .Its a Poly MIx in Black with gold Threads in it and I love it .I dont want to have authentic Fabric in the Moment.First I want to see how I feel when the Outfit is finish and after this I will think about to make a Second with authentic Fabrics.At the End of this Month ,I think is a Sale by a Silk Fabric Shop.Maybe if I found something ...
For the Gämlek I will use the Rest of my Linen /Cotton Blend ,from which I made the new Tunic for Halfdan
For the Entari I have to Different Fabrics .One is a brown Stripe Cotton Blend ,the other one is a Violett Gold Poly Blend .What I need is a good Fabric for the Yelek .I think I will have some in my Boxes .There is a red one ,also a Poly Blend or a Rest of the Blue Cotton I had buyed for the University last Year.