Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Ottomanian Garb Part 1

I start my Ottomanian / Turkish Garb
I decide to use the Pattern from a Handout of Mistress Ari.Shes a Laurel who is specialist in Middle East Garb .
Mistress Aris Handout

Also I took for my Researchings about the different Pieces a second Handout,that I also found from a Scadian Lady

The Basic Garb in the Ottoman Time has 4 Layers.
I need a
-Gömlek (Undershirt)
-Salwar (Pants)
-Entari ( Undercoat)
-Great Coat ( Mantle)

later I will make a short Vest,called Yelek

The Material for this Garb I buyed on the last Stoffmarkt Holland.This Stoffmarkt Holland comes 3 times the Year to Hamburg and the Netherland Sellers offer different Kinds of Fabric for mostly low Price.I dont want to have authentic Fabrics,so I buy what I like .My fave Color is Black and I found some Viscose Fabirc in Black with gold Thread in it ,that I will use for the Salwar.

In my personal "Fabric Store" I have a Linon Cotton Blane ,that I will use for the Gömlek.
I start to cut the Gömlek and the Salwar after the Pattern in the Pdf of Mistress Ari .
By the Pattern of the Salwar I see that it wont fit at my legs

.So it seams to be that I have to make it a second time after a Pattern from a Bellydance Pattern from Simplicity.
I found some Photos that I will show you ,how the Basic Layers look on a Original Miniature.

I look in my last Post of the Project and see that I write most of this a second time ,but yet I hope that I get all together in time without a Break.The time to Coronation is short and I have to do something for her Highness Eleanora till than .So I must see that I finish the Project soon as possible.