Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

A new beginnig

Somemore about me:

My name is Alenn von Horn ,and I´m a Member in The Shire of the Two Seas in Hamburg/Germany.The Shire belongs to the Society of Creative Anachronismn ,short SCA.
I´m a Member of the Game since September 2006,and I´m happy about it.Since them I meet wonderful people ,how have the same Interestings then me.My center of Interesting is Sewing ,more or less authentic,and I make Soaps and Candles.I´m a member of the Embroidery Guild of Drachenwald,my Kingdom in Europe .

I will show here differnent kind of Things, I made in and for the SCA ,my Shire and my Friends

Since yesterday Ican call me Lady Alenn von Horn .I´m very happy and I´m very proud of it