Montag, 7. März 2011

Starting the Look a Like Project

Some Weeks ago I posted these Photos from A Finno Ugric Garb.
I found a Link on one of favourite Blogs to a Latvian Page ,were you can find a Pdf with all Lativian Folk Dresses

The Blog from Cathy
Cathys Blog

The Latvian Page with the PDF
Latvian Folk Dress PDF

These time I dont want to make an authentic Dress.I didnt found enough Informations to do these ,so I decide to do a "Look -a-like-Dress"
In my Home I have a bunch of different Fabrics,with different Colors.For the Competition Tables on University 2009 I buyed some dark blue Flanell and dark blue look like Linen.
The mistake I made is that I first cut the Fabric and than read the PDF :-)
So I cut on dress in the special finnish Undergown Cut and one in a Simple Medieval Undergown Dress.
The Description of the Dress in the PDF is following:
-The Underdress is a Tunic from natural color Linen ,for Women longer than for men.In the front is a little V neck cut
-The "Overdress" is a pinafore or Apron dress .It pined together at the Shoulders.
PUUUHH I miscut the Look like Linen Fabric.
And yet I have to rethink what I will make.Shall I buy new Fabric and cut it new ? Or shall I try to change the cut of the Fabric ?

I think that the Apron dress will be the Same that the Finns use for mostly all of their Dresses (Pukus) .Im not sure ,if I will make it like a Eura Puku or a Maskan Puku or in the Style of a Perniö Puku

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