Samstag, 11. August 2012

Token for the Kingdom Part ?

Everybody I know ,knows that one of my most favorite Things is making Token for the Queens Basket .Also I made Token for Meisterinne / Countess Ele for Fundraising .
From time to time I need new Inspiration ,or a Feedback.  Even I ask for Ideas or favorites anybody tell me taht they like my Soap most.
So I decide to make Soap ,next to some more Rosaries .
Here are the Pictures

Short Rosaries with 10 Pearls

Big Rosaries with 50 Pearls
 My most favorite Rosaries of these Edition are these two

These both are made with Pearls ,in German we call them Wachsperlen ,I dont found an English Translation for it.The others are all made with Wood Pearls in different Colors.

Rose Soap
The Rose Soap I made from Coconut Oil ,Olive Oil ,Sheabutter and Mangobutter.Scenting with Rose and some Vanilla Oil.
Wood Soap
The Wood Soap are made with the same Oils and Butters .The only Difference is the Parfume.I use Sandelwood,Cedarwood ,some Cinnamon Oil and some Orange Oil.In the Soap I had do some Clove Powder for a light Peeling Effect.Its a more Men Soap.On the Top I used Dry Marigold.I really like the Smell of the Soap .