Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Last Post for a long time

Hi my beloved friends and readers

this will be one of my last post for a longer time.
After all what happenend here in Central / Frankmark/ Barony Knights Crossing ,I decided to stop playing SCA for some time.I dont know how long this time will be ,but I need to make a break.

In the Moment I work on the last projects for these year ,while I like to finish all till GoED.
I work on three gowns for HRM Morrigane .One black kirdle ,thats finish from my side ,a white Linen undergown I will finish in the next hour and a Woolen Viking gown that I will finish at these Weekend.
Also I work on a Gugel for HHL Barobrand at these Weekend for finishing next Week .

After this I only plan some more Doublets and Pants for Nandolf and a Tunic for Ragnar for XMas .But this is   more hobby for me to stay tuned ,without any pressure or without going on my own borderlines .

Im so sorry ,but in my Life starts a new time and I had to made some decision about some Priorities ,and some of them is stop playing SCA asap.

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