Montag, 24. März 2008

Some new Olive Oil Soap

The same I have with Dyeying ,I have too,with Making Soap.I made so much soap for the University ( it was my Display Token ,too) ,that I think I will never make Soap again.

I became on 12th Night some Original Cleared Goosefat from Giano,how I have to make soon as possile to Soap and also He ask me for some olive Oil Soap for his Experiments in Medival Cosmetic and Perfuming.

So ,I cook some new Soap

Goose fat together with Sandelwood ,Rose and Patchouli Oil.Coloured with black Henna
and some OliveOil Soap without any colour and smell.The green colour it have comes only from the Olive Oil.
Both are made with NaOh ,not with KOH ,while I like to have a harder Soap,than I become with KOH.

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