Montag, 24. März 2008


For my class on University 2007 ,i made a lot of wool dyeing ,to show some experiments.After that I have to stop a time with it and wait on new inspiration.

Last week I have some new Ideas and began to try some new mondants
I have take grey,darkgrey and white sheepwool and try as mondant Coppersulfat and Oakapple.The Wool i made with coppersulfat was after cooking green.That cool:-)So i know how I can make green without Birkleafs (I´m allergenic abiut Birkleafs)

Also I have try ones again to dye with Krapp.This time I take a Thermometer for the exact temperatur between 70-80 Grad.But I get brown/orange wool again .Here we see

This last photo show all of the rest wool I made for University.Some of them I have give away for Tabletweaving.I need a new belt and whats better to have some from dyeing wool ,you made by yourself.

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