Montag, 24. März 2008

Crown Tourney Garb "Alenn´s Collection"

In April we have a Crown Tourney in Nürnberg,Germany.Myself will not be there ( I have to work in my Real Job at a Laboratory),but my Seneshal Odi and her Consort Barobrnadt are there and need some new Clothes.:-)
My fortune was that both have no claim on 100 % authentic or period Materials.So I buy some very good looking Fabrics on the Winter End Sellings,who look very authentic .
On the Garb are borders in Silver and Gold optic,with celtic or semi medieval motifs.
I made 5 Tuniken for Barobrandt and 4 Gowns for Odi .Here you see pieces of the "Collection".The male model is Ruven ,he´s from my shire ,too:-)

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