Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

Some Viking Xmas Presents

Short before Xmas I get a Scroll from Margarete for Hexe ,my beloved Cat ,that dies in July.
As "Answer" I made hersome Xmas Presents
She buyed some of my old Viking Apron these Year and need the right Jewellery for it.She loves Sweden(blue and yellow) ,her colors are black and red and the colors of the Kingdom are red,black and yellow .It has Charms that so none have in the authentic way ,but she really loves cats and cant have some ,so that the reason I use the emailed ones ,and she a Heavy fighter ,that the reason for the axes ,dragons for the kingdom.

So here we go :

I know she will really love it
Some more modern I made for her alos .She is a painter and calligraph ,so I made for her a bracelet with Medival Paitings from Scrolls

And some more bookmark ,that you can also use as Necklace *Hust*

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