Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

After Crown 2012

The Crown Tourney was awesome and like ever I came home with the Packet full of Inspiration .The first I like to make for myself is a new Garb with a warm Coat .
In the Moment I change my Weight from day to day ,you I have a Problem with all kind of Aprons .
And I hate Gowns and all that stuff like I was a little girl.I never was this female ,attractive woman that I like to be and after all I accept myself this way.

So two things will happen ....
I make me a new Male Rus Viking Garb ,with Pants ,Tunika,Coat and Hat
The Second one will be a repimping of my Aprons .I will work lace in it ,under the arm ,so I can wear them if I like to.

For my Male Viking I thinking about to recycle some old Wool Gown from me .I have a violet and a black Wool Gown ,that I wear not often.Both have an elbish trim on it.
I think that I will recycle and upstyle the violet first .No really Idea how too,but it will work any way.
I have a bunch of Medieval fabrics in my collection ,so Im not in need to buy new one.
Inspiration for all are the Works from Othala.Othala is a wonderful woman ,who is still into Viking Rus Stuff .
I never will have embroidery on my Garb thats so wonderful like hers ,but I like the pattern and I like also the Style of Viking Garb she sew.
Only to show some pictures from the Embroidery:

The Coat I really like to make is this one .

I think about to make thme in black and red or in two shades of violet .I have violet linen.
So after all I need to make myself a Design and have a look at my fabrics to see what I can combinate at all
And I need Mister von Horn to look for the Fox Fur Coat in the Basement.

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