Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

Russian Medieval Garb

Last time I saw a Documentation about Russia and there was a great Idea for a Russian Gown .The Problem is that the Gown is from 1800 and later .
So I start my researchings and come really fast to the Pafe from Sofya la Rus
Russian Gown
She shows a different kind of Russian Gown from 10th to 15th cent.

The Style of the Gown from the Dokumentation is this one
The Pictures of modern Folk Costumes I found are very near to this Pattern and so I think Í go in the right direction

Some more Link ,where you can see the Traditional Post modern dresse .The Interesting Thing is ,that shes writing about the Social Standing of the Wearer

I found 4 Russian Magazines in Ebay Russia .They coming from the US and I have to a´sk something about the Shipping :-)
I thinking about to do a Documentation ,but Im not sure if I can .As I go to the School I love to write articles ,but today I dont know how to start and in English is it really hard for me .So I will see what I will do .The other thing is ,that all issuses are very well written can be found in the I Net .So the Question is why to do it again

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